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they called her styrene

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Saturday, March 26th, 2005
2:40 pm
unbunny is god. so much so that i felt it necessary to tap into all of my online journals and update for the sole purpose of declaring their new status as deity of pop.

current mood: sleepy

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Monday, March 14th, 2005
11:19 pm
i never seem to use this but i will update because
because i can

(i <3 bk)

current mood: mellow

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Friday, July 4th, 2003
8:40 pm - i am so finicky
i'll use my livejournal to post comments and post in communities and ask people to put me on their friends list so i can read their journals... but this is where you really should go.

(i'll use my livejournal account i swear i do i do please don't get mad at me for wasting your code)

current mood: en-fucking-thralled

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Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
7:20 pm
so i saw some pictures of chris thomson hugging his cat, and it's amazing how much he looks like his music.

i've fallen out of touch with everyone that matters. damnnnn it. i'm going to go write some emails. or one. i meant one.

okay, and i need to borrow a credit card so i can buy some matinee albums, because they put out the best music in town.

oh my yahoo email hates me. okay, i'll write it later.

i keep writing things here and then deleting them because i don't want this or that person reading my thoughts and i realize that is precisely what i need to be putting into my, um, emails or whatever, snail mail, journals, blah blah blah but when i actually say "dear ____" and have a subject to talk to, it's not as easy to be honest. so maybe i'll just make a new blog and just give you the address, and you can just keep writing emails or whatever you want to do, because i feel like i'll lose it if i don't write it down NOW but none of my email accounts are working and yeah, that's a stupid idea (she realizes as she sees all the steps she must go through to create a new blog.)

i need some reliable email system.

and i deleted my hem, hem entry and other ones too because, i don't know, i'm not as exhibitionist as i used to be? i don't even remember what i wrote in that and that should be an indication of how much i care.

you know what, i might just go back to blogger because i can't figure out the template and archive stuff on livejournal for shits.

current mood: drained

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Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
9:53 am
I got my bottom left wisdom tooth pulled yesterday and it is still sore, but I can eat and I'm not bed-ridden as some people seem to have been when they got their teeth pulled. My dentist let me keep the tooth and I have been carrying it around the house playing with it. My parents are generally disturbed and/or grossed out by this and my mom is going to throw out the tooth soon, as she did my ingrown toenail. That was more than you wanted to know, I'm sure.

I also got my SAT scores and I did okay.

I keep meaning to do things and I never get around to doing them, like sending letters and writing emails and drawing and such. But I do the things that I don't mean or want to do, like studying for the SAT IIs. The difference between the first and the latter is that I should do the latter and not the first if given the choice. So at least I've got that.

I had a really good conversation with Jess last night, and am not feeling so neurotic regarding my body anymore. I am also trying to cut back on my internet time as it seems to have increased greatly in the past couple of days.

Also, good luck to Jess for AX. I'm sure you'll have a great time. *huggle*

I am going to go try to fix faulty parallel construction in some sentences.

current mood: awake

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Saturday, June 28th, 2003
9:47 pm - vanity
1. If you died tomorrow who would you leave everything you own to? My parents by default.

2. Who is the one person that you could stand spending a straight 24 hours with and not get the slightest bit annoyed with? I tend to get annoyed very easily when I don't sleep. And as I absolutely cannot stand sharing a bed with anyone, I would say no one. If I was in the beginning stages of a crush and everything about a certain individual seemed perfect, then I could probably pull shades over my eyes and convince myself that I enjoyed those 24 hours.

3. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change (personality and looks)? Personality-wise, I'd be a little less emotional and more stoic. Looks-wise, I would like to lose these last ten pounds, or have thighs that are in proportion to the rest of my body. *hisses at them in fury*

4. What is the one thing you just have to do before you die? Tell everyone I love that I love them. If I wasn't going to die tomorrow, write an Important book.

5. If you won the lottery what would you do with your, let's say, 18 million dollars? Stash it away in the bank, live off the interest and write books. Buy my dad a new set of golf clubs.

6. What do you want people to say about you when you die? That I helped them.

7. How long does it take you to get ready to go out? I don't. Not in the clubbing, out-to-have-fun sense, anyway. (Yes, I do leave the house.)

8. What would you like to be reincarnated as? I don't believe in reincarnation. But if I pretend I did, I would say that I would like to be reincarnated as Stephen Malkmus's genius girlfriend with the 22 inch waist and longest legs you've ever seen on a girl.

9. Do you make fun of your friends? No. (silence) Okay, yes. But only to their faces.

10. Do you enjoy talking to your self? I've been doing it since I was two and I will not stop now.

11. What's your biggest fear? All the symptoms and none of the talent.

12. What would you have liked to be named? I like my name just fine. Besides which, people refer to me by various things all of which are to my liking.

13. What's your most prized (material) possession? My Bible with the pink leather cover.

14. What songs bring back the most memories? Biff Bang Pow!- She Paints. Belle and Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying. Pavement - Trigger Cut.

15. What's the largest organ in the human body? The skin. The thermis. Whatever.

16. Do you have a bar trick? I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue...?

17. Could a pack of wolves have done a better job raising you than your parents? Well, they didn't, so it's a moot question.

18. What do you look for in the opposite sex? I don't, really.

19. If you were given one day to live what would you do? Wake up, enjoy a leisurely breakfast with family, go for a walk with some friends, eat a long and chatty lunch with more friends, talk and laugh with people I care about, have a good hearty dinner with family, then sit by the fireplace and roast chestnuts or something before falling asleep.

21. What's your best physical feature? I cannot decide between my face (post-workout with natural blush which accentuates cheekbones) and my 22-inch waist.

22. What's your summer job? Amateur reader.

23. What was the worst punishment your parents inflicted? My dad made me stay up all night once because I didn't want to go to sleep at my bedtime, which was ridiculously late for an eight-year-old as it was. Really, why does an 8-year-old girl need to stay up an extra hour until 1 AM? Even I cannot understand my past actions.

24. What have you learned about love in the past year? Human love is not perfect because human beings are not perfect.

25. How have you changed in the past year? I think I can fit into a size zero at the Gap and all my clothes are loose on me now. I think I'm a little better at loving myself. I'm a little less arrogant and realistic about my abilities and goals.

26. What's your way of escaping reality? Obsessing over my thighs, which will not deflate anymore no matter what I do, which turns me to my last resort. (Read: three-week starvation diet. You can easily lose 15 pounds on it.) (And yeah, I know that's not healthy. But I'm already 20 or 25 pounds underweight* as it is and a healthy diet will not solve my leg-related problems.)

27. What hair problems have you had? It has no volume.

28. Can you do anything related to gymnastics or whatever? I.. cannot. I can put my foot behind my head.

29. What is the most annoying thing that people tell you about you? A lady with whom we carpool to church told me that I should enter a beauty contest. That flattered me and really annoyed me at the same time. People keep telling me I am really thin. That also makes me happy and annoyed at the same time. My dad thinks I just underwent puberty. That *really* annoys me but concurrently makes me relieved.

30. Have you met any celebrities? Mark E. Smith?

*according to my height and frame in the iVillage health test. My frame, surprisingly is "large", taken from my wrist and elbow bone measurements.

I can't find my copy of Terror Twilight anywhere.

current mood: full

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Friday, June 20th, 2003
10:52 pm
okay, can I just tell you guys something? You can leave comments here even if you don't have livejournal accounts. Seriously. Please leave comments. I know at least four of you out there read this!

Err. Harry Potter #5 and my SAT scores are going to be availiable around roughly the same time and I am really looking forward to both although whether the first will be a tonic to soothe my shock/pain from the latter is yet to be seen. I sure hope not, and I am tempted to fork over thirteen dollars just so I can find out my scores NOW but I will not because it is a waste of money.

I finally saw Finding Nemo and I liked it, although not as much as Monsters, Inc. I'm not sure why.

I slept six hours on the bus so I probably won't be able to sleep tonight. I have the Simpsons to keep me company.

current mood: awake

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Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
12:28 pm - the ice cream man may be able to take away your pain but he does not take away your fat
Warning: I'm being girly. If you're easily triggered, don't read.Collapse )

Also, Alistair, it's YOUR turn. I think. If not, you can kick me in the foot.

Dear dear Stephen is playing in Mansfield MA on August 13th and I am going to miss him again!

the 20 friends thing, reduced to a few because i don't have time to think of witty things for 20 people not to mention i don't think i have 20 friends i have worth mentioning, and i mean real friends not acquaintances the ones who have a spot in my heart forever&alwaysCollapse )

current mood: clean clean

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Monday, June 16th, 2003
10:57 pm - two days, two movies
day one: bowling for columbine
day two: catch me if you can

day one: dude, fear doesn't make me consume. it makes me frigging self-destruct. ohmygawditallmakessomuchsensenow. i was supposed to buy stuff to make myself feel better instead of trying to achieve all this "inner perfection" schbitz. why didn't i get the memo?
day two: aww leonard dicaprio is so cute. see, a divorce IS a BIG DEAL. it drives kids nuts! i wonder if i'm smart enough to steal four million dollars and get away with it. what a weird guy.

day one: cherry tomatoes, almonds, choked on a piece of butterscotch.
day two: a dozen butterscotch candies.

day one: fell asleep in the middle, woke up, rewound, watched.
day two: eyes wide open and glued to the screen.

day one: ohhh, fear sells!
day two: no, no, cute boys sell way better than fear.

current mood: bouncy

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Wednesday, June 11th, 2003
8:41 am
i need to put down thoughtful things here for people to comment, don't i?

well i am taking dance classes after all, i like boys who are umpteen inches taller than me but only weigh 30 pounds more than i do, i've put on a bit of weight but it's mostly muscle and that comes off easily, besides which it's only four pounds. i like honey roasted peanuts and peanuts in general. i bake great scones. i am a good cook. honey roasted peanuts rock my world. i love dried fruit. i love cooking but i hate actually putting together meals. why is no one online? i am going to go eat a scone.

current mood: lazy

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Sunday, June 8th, 2003
1:30 am - conor oberst
is SOOO hot.

I just thought I would share this quickly.

current mood: giddy

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Thursday, June 5th, 2003
9:21 pm - eeegs-actly
a bit eerie (not as funny as silver shit)

oh man I love toilet humor.

current mood: giddy

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9:20 am - survey!
one of them was here but livejournal ate it. if livejournal was bulimic i would stick my fingers down its throat and make it puke it up because it would come out almost as was, it's only been a minute or two. unfortunately livejournal has no mouth or throat, and i am not that big a fan of getting others' vomit all over my hands. i am also busy so i will take my leave now.

and leave comments!

current mood: aggravated

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
5:32 pm - quizilla will give you the answer
to your problems, such as "what college should I apply to?"

You've worn all black since you were nine and knew,
even as a nine year old living in nowheresville
that you were a New Yorker at heart. Well, you
wont make it in the big city. I'm sorry tike.
Still, have fun while it lasts, because the
rumor is, most Columbia students don't.

Which Ivy League University is right for YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

They're half-right, which is pretty good considering they've never met me.

Also, the Hidden Cameras make me want to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge with boys in linen suits. I hate the new Adam Green album, although his songs are very very good.

current mood: accomplished

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9:17 am - poets
I must be really attracted to poets, especially if they're middle-aged or just plain old with white hair and antediluvian glasses because I had a dream last night in which a white-haired, cane-carrying poet came to my school and I felt like I wanted to marry him.

I don't even like poetry that much.

I do, however, adore Woody Allen, and while I fear that the statement "you have all the symptoms and none of the talent" applies to me, it is a nevertheless a great line.

current mood: content

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Monday, June 2nd, 2003
4:26 pm - ???
I've been taking trips down memory lane lately shifting around for material, and in my old old blog, on Saturday March 9, 2002, it says "Someone wrote a song for me last night, when I was fretting about [edited out]."

Who was this? Why don't I remember it?

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3:03 pm - here are some things:
-I really really like animal crackers. I am becoming a junk food addict.
-I hate Jerry McGuire but I like the way he says "This is me, klutz, asking you, goddess of rock climing, to marry me".
-A capella music makes my heart melt much easier than does music with accompaniment.
-I adore jazz music, but I like ragtime more.

I've been feeling kind of cheesy lately, watching old movies and listening to typical old love songs. Corny-romantic.

current mood: weird

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Sunday, June 1st, 2003
6:55 pm - why hello!
I am new and although I have nothing to say right now I will later.

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